Best Way to Cook Bacon

Best Way to Cook Bacon

With its smoky flavor, bacon makes an excellent addition to many nutritious meals. While bacon seems to have its own fan club that has spawned unique bacon-flavored condiments, few things can beat the real thing. Bacon can be enjoyed alone or cooked with other ingredients to enhance the flavor of a favorite dish. The following guide to bacon will prepare anyone to use this flavorful meat in their cooking by explaining the basic techniques for preparing this delectable treat while including a few favorite recipes with bacon.

Preparation Techniques

Many people enjoy cooking their bacon in the traditional manner by heating it until it is brown in a frying pan; however, there are several other effective preparation techniques for cooking bacon. This delicious meat can also be prepared in the microwave using special cookware that can enable the fat to be collected in a pan beneath the bacon. This can help to increase the healthiness of a bacon-flavored meal. Additionally, bacon can be placed on a baking sheet in the oven and cooked at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until it is crisp.

Bacon for Breakfast

There are many recipes with bacon that are designed to create a delicious breakfast. While some people enjoy eating a piece of bacon on the side of their meal, others prefer to cook bacon directly into their breakfast. Bacon omelets, breakfast burritos and bacon sandwiches are a few of the most common types of breakfasts that include bacon. Additionally, bacon can be frozen and reheated later for an instant side to any breakfast.

Accentuating Meals with Bacon

In lunch and dinner recipes, bacon can infuse a meal with flavor as either a secondary ingredient or the main course. Recipes with bacon often include cooking the bacon along with the rest of the meal. For example, steaks can be wrapped in bacon before cooking on the grill. Bacon can also be cooked and crumbled as a topping for salads and soups. When layered on a sandwich with lettuce and tomato, bacon can be used to create a delicious sandwich that is perfect for lunch or dinner.

Learning how to cook with bacon is an essential skill that can enable a person to quickly prepare a flavorful meal at any time of the day. Whether it is in a breakfast burrito, a sandwich for lunch or crumbled over a dinner salad, bacon’s smoky flavor can infuse any dish with a delicious taste that will make every meal a special event.