Bounty from the Sea

Bounty from the Sea

A well balanced diet always consists of some type of seafood. This versatile food source can be found any place in the world where there are clean freshwater lakes and streams, and from any coast of the 5 saltwater oceans.

Disadvantages of Seafood

When carefully processed and harvested, there are few hazards to eating seafood, but some people possess an allergic tendency to some fish. Shellfish are one of the greatest sources of food allergens. Reactions such as swelling and itching are common when someone is allergic, but severe symptoms sometimes happen and should be quickly treated. Fish are prone to retain mercury in their tissue, and consumption of species that are normally high in concentrations can become highly toxic to humans.

Fish are an extremely perishable food and must be eaten promptly. Methods of preservation such as drying and salting will extend the consumable period, and refrigeration keeps them fresher for several days.

It is imperative for bodies of water to not become polluted, that are habitats for seafood. The environment of any food product is directly responsible for the quality of that food product. Fish are a renewable resource when living conditions are not compromised by poor conservation practices.

Advantages of Seafood

The nutritional value of seafood tops the list of why it is important. Besides being a staple in the eating habits of most coastal areas, it is an important provider of protein, nutrients, Omega 3 oils, zinc, iodine, selenium, and a whole array of vitamins. Fish have been shown to help protect against many diseases such as high blood pressure, heart, stroke, and cancer. Fish oil is an anti-inflammatory agent that protects the heart. The iodine present in seafood helps to regulate thyroid function and governs the immune system.

Seafood is one of the most requested main courses in the best restaurants. It has become a chef favorite to manipulate and incorporate into original recipes and exotic presentations. With so many different species to pick from, this food product becomes part of an endless menu of exciting culinary delights that never fails to impress the seafood lover in all of us.