Chicken and Curry Go Hand in Hand

Chicken, while versatile, needs spices to make it more appealing. On its own, it can be a little bland, but curry can remedy that problem quickly. Though many Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian cultures have used curry blends in traditional dishes for several thousand years. They are one of the number one food choices in the U.K., and increasing in popularity in North America.

The simplest chicken curry recipe contains chicken, curry powder, and either water or chicken broth to make a thin sauce. Because chicken blends well with different spices, the three main types of curry, which are red, green and yellow, all enhance it nicely. Use red curry for added heat and a robust flavor. Green curry is good when a slight sweetness is called for. Yellow curry will add a smooth yet full flavor with mild spiciness.

Curries take a while to build flavor, so it is a good idea to prepare them in a slow cooker or in the oven on a low heat. However, it is possible to speed the process up some by marinating the chicken in a curry mixture for several hours, preferably overnight, and then cooking it in a skillet on semi-low heat for 30 – 40 minutes to further build the flavor profile. Of course, curries are often better with vegetables.

One robust chicken curry recipe includes potatoes and carrots, and another uses spinach and chickpeas as ingredients. While potatoes are used in some curries, rice is a far more common starch, and fragrant jasmine-infused rice is often recommended. When potatoes are used, they are usually cooked with the rest of the ingredients. However, rice is usually cooked on its own and used as a bed for the curried chicken dish.

For instance, coconut curry chicken soup, which is usually made with red curry paste, is frequently served over rice in a bowl. The same applies to other saucy chicken curries. Though saucy chicken curries are the most common, curry is a fantastic dry rub for roast chicken or barbecue.

Unlike some spice mixtures, curry is nice with every cut of chicken. It lends additional flavor to chicken breast and thins some of the oils that come out of the darker meat during the cooking process. Chicken curry recipes are easy to prepare and will spice up weekly menus.