Fun and Tasty Grilling Recipes to Try

Fun and Tasty Grilling Recipes to Try

Grilling out can be a lot of fun, but it can be easy to get bored when you prepare the same grilling recipes every time that you crank up your gas or charcoal grill. This doesn’t mean that you should put your grill away, however; not only is grilling a great way to prepare a delicious meal, but it is also healthier than a lot of methods of cooking, and it allows you to keep the mess outside. Therefore, instead of getting tired of grilling, you should try new recipes.

Along with tossing regular burgers, steaks, chicken, and hot dogs on the grill, you can try new recipes with your favorite meat. For instance, you can look for new marinades for chicken, or you can try making burgers that are stuffed with different types of fillings. This will allow you to enjoy your old favorites, but you won’t get tired of them because you will be able to try new things. Not only can you use recipes from family members, magazines, cook books and the Internet, but you can also mix and match your favorite ingredients to come up with new ideas.

Also, consider trying grilling recipes that are a little different. For instance, kabobs are always a favorite, and they are incredibly versatile. Not only can you put pork, beef, chicken, shrimp and other foods on your skewers, but you can also make kabobs with all different types of fruits and veggies. Try different combinations for something fresh and new every time, and consider marinating both your veggies and your meat in different types of marinades; this can make the taste of each kabob really pop.

For mess-free cooking that is simple and delicious, try making dinner packets with tin foil. You can put meat, sliced potatoes, wedges of onions, and other tasty food items in each packet, wrap it up tightly, then grill it. Adding seasonings, bouillon cubes and other flavorings can add to the flavor, and each member of your family will have a personalized, individually sized packet of their choosing when dinner is ready.

After trying a few different grilling recipes over time, you will determine what flavors and cooking styles suit you and your family the best. This will help you come up with your own fresh, new recipes for the grill, and it can give you some inspiration when searching for recipes that your family might like.