How to Create Your Own Meatloaf Recipe

How to Create Your Own Meatloaf Recipe

Whether you have never made your own meatloaf recipe and are wondering how to do it, or if you are just bored with your traditional way of making meatloaf, you might have wondered how to create your own meatloaf recipe. A lot of people are scared to make their own recipes because they think they won’t turn out right, but creating your own meatloaf recipe is a great way to start. Meatloaf is surprisingly easy to make, and it is also very versatile, which means you shouldn’t have a difficult time making up an easy recipe that is pleasing for your family.

First of all, you will need to decide what type of meat you want to use in your meatloaf. Traditionally, a lot of people use ground beef, but you can also use any other type of ground meat that you want, such as ground turkey, chicken, sausage, or veal. You can also try a mixture of different types of meat if you want to; for instance, using a mixture of ground beef and ground turkey will allow you to get the flavor of the beef while cutting down on calories, or adding a bit of ground pork sausage to your beef mixture can give your meatloaf a whole new taste and texture.

Next, you will want to choose a few vegetables for your meatloaf. Many people use chopped onion and green pepper, but you can use other vegetables if you want. Adding a couple of handfuls to your meatloaf will work out perfectly, and it is a great way to sneak vegetables to your kids.

After choosing your ground meat and vegetable mixture, you will need to choose a binding agent that will hold your meatloaf together. A handful of dry breadcrumbs is a great binding agent, or you can simply use a beaten egg. You can also used crushed-up saltine crackers or nearly any type of cracker that you like, or you can try crushed-up cereal or uncooked minute rice.

Lastly, you will want to choose a topping for your meatloaf recipe. Many people mix ketchup in with their beef mixture, then they add a few other ingredients and cover the top of the meatloaf. For instance, you can use your choice of a mixture of ketchup, barbecue sauce, Worcestershire sauce, or other favorites. You can also use gravy if you prefer that flavor. Regardless of what you choose, your meatloaf is sure to come out perfect after you bake it.