How to Try Variations of a Meatloaf Recipe

If you have a favorite meatloaf recipe that you have been making and enjoying for years, you might be unsure about changing it. Many people are very attached to the recipes that they know and love, and you might think you will never be able to find another meatloaf recipe that will please you and your family as much as your existing one. It can be tiring to eat meatloaf the same old way all the time, however, so you should consider making a few changes here and there.

There are plenty of ways to try variations of a meatloaf recipe. One of the easiest ways to add a different flavor without changing much about your recipe is to use a different type of meat. For instance, you can use ground turkey or chicken if you want to cut fat while still enjoying the other flavors of your favorite meatloaf, or you can use a mix of ground turkey and ground beef for that ground beef flavor that you love with much fewer fat grams and calories. If you are simply looking for variations of a meatloaf recipe that add a different flavor, you can always mix a little pork sausage in with your ground beef; the pork will give it a unique flavor that you are sure to enjoy, and it might make your meatloaf a little more juicy as well.

Another way to switch up your meatloaf recipe quickly and easily is to adjust the fillings of your meatloaf. If you always use chopped onions and green pepper, consider adding chopped carrot or red pepper. You can add mushrooms or other surprise ingredients without doing much to your recipe, and you might really enjoy the addition.

Also, consider changing the sauce that you use for your recipe. Many people use a ketchup-based sauce for classic meatloaf, and your family might love this flavor. This doesn’t mean that you can’t switch things up every now and then; for instance, you can try your favorite bottled barbecue sauce next time, or you can add a little brown sugar for a sweet flavor.

Lastly, you can consider serving your traditional meatloaf with a rich brown gravy instead of a ketchup or barbecue sauce-based sauce. Many people find that they enjoy their favorite meatloaf recipe even more this way, and it will be especially delicious when served with homemade mashed potatoes or rice.