Ideas for BBQ Chicken Recipes

Ideas for BBQ Chicken Recipes

People often look for BBQ chicken recipes during the summer, but BBQ chicken is a delicious meal for the family any night of the week. There are tons of different ways to prepare BBQ chicken, and you shouldn’t have a problem throwing something together that your entire family will love.

You can obviously prepare various BBQ chicken recipes on the grill outdoors if you want to; this is one of the most popular ways of making BBQ chicken, and it is surprisingly healthy as well. Whether you choose to use a bottled BBQ sauce, a vinegar-based sauce or a simple sauce that you prepare, you are sure to love the results if you make your chicken on a grill. This isn’t the only way to prepare BBQ chicken, however.

For instance, many people don’t realize that you can make a yummy weeknight BBQ chicken dish in your slow cooker; this is perfect for busy families, and you don’t have to give up flavor in order to make this easy dish. You can simply dump your chicken breasts in your slow cooker along with your favorite sauce, then cook it on low until done; this should take around six hours, but you will want to use a meat thermometer to make sure your chicken is fully cooked without overcooking it.

Another great way to make BBQ chicken is to prepare it in your oven. Similar to making it on the grill, you can cover your BBQ chicken with any type of sauce that you might like, then simply bake it until it is done. To make cleanup easy, consider wrapping individual pieces of chicken in tinfoil after adding the barbecue sauce. If you would like to give your chicken a nice glaze after baking, consider uncovering and cooking under the broiler for a minute or two.

Since BBQ chicken recipes are so simple and versatile to prepare, you should consider using them as a regular weeknight dinner. There are also a lot of great side dishes that go perfectly with BBQ chicken; for a healthy dinner, consider adding a side salad and a steamed vegetable. For comfort food, consider serving your BBQ chicken recipes with macaroni and cheese, either from a box or homemade, along with hush puppies and other favorites. There are so many ways to prepare and serve BBQ chicken, you are sure to never get tired of making it for you and your family.